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Wellness Tips

For most of us, thoughts of getting older mean thoughts of two things only: fear and uncertainty. And earthshattering, mindfucking pain. We often find ourselves trapped in an ailing or failing body, withering away with no job or family. But with a little planning, getting old can be fun, rewarding, etc. blah blah.

Maintaining a Postive Empowered Self-Image of One's Self and The Person You Are
A positive self-image may be the main ingredient to living well as an older adult. Feelings of laziness, depression, or bottom barrel self worth are common amongst the Aged. You find yourself not fitting in with the regular roles in your family, work, and school, and eventually wind up with your days blending together in a lackluster progression from one soul-killing boredom to the next.

Maintaining Independence and Self Independency
The loss of motor skills and sometimes continence inevitably leads to an utter helplessness that forces us to rely on people, animals, and items we never had to rely on before. And that can be a terrible blow to one's self independency. How does a senior cope with that? At St. Joseph's, we help you answer that question.

Maintaining a Social Network of Other Old People
A social network of people who are at towards the end of the line like you is extremely important as our bodies slow down and eventually stop working. Social relationships with these people enable you to brace for the inevitable with an open mind and a relatively-healthy attitude.

Dealing with DEATH is a common challenge during this stage of life. The death of a spouse, family, friends, or small furry friend can create a malignant, soul-blackening void which can take everything light and good that's left in your heart and destroy it. Don't let that happen. Take steps like these to prevent the void:

* Join groups that will accept you, despite your age
* Initiate a luncheon with a new acquaintance, or just a regular lunch
* Start an account on Myspace or Friendster, or the new and upcoming "Facebook" OR add new friends to your Netflix
* Reach out to others and tell them you love them
* Volunteer at places like senior centers, retirement homes, and fundraiser bikini car washes

Maintaining Health Healthy Habits should be the goal of all senior citizens.
Taking responsibility for your health is the first step in this process, even if you are in a wheelchair or otherwise deemed useless by society as a whole..

* Exercise: Yes, it's late. Old Man Death is on the horizon, licking his lips, sure as hell. But it's not too late to begin a program of regular exercise appropriate to your needs that can be sustained as you age, to keep your body's systems from failing any sooner than they need to. Check with your physician before initiating an exercise program.

* Nutrition: Healthy eating habits can play a tremendous role in how you feel every day. This can determine whether you have the energy to do the things you choose. But a healthy diet alone will not keep away the sense of impending mortality that weighs on your shoulders from day to day. You may want to discuss nutrition with a physician, nurse or a registered dietitian about medication or natural remedies to alleviate these symptoms.

* Stress: Being aware of and managing stress is important. However, at this stage in life, you may find you have little that causes stress, except for your age. As part of an ongoing mental health regimen, imagine yourself working at your old job, or discussing money issues with your spouse. Sometimes the best way to manage stress is to synthesize it in your mind and imagine yourself combatting it daily.

* Enjoy the Present: Appreciate the present and look forward to the future, as difficult as this may be to imagine in your ever-foggying feeble mind. Cherish and focus the rich textures and emotions of your past, which may seem like the only time in your life that was worth living. Value and respect experiences that have made you the senior person you are today, without going overboard.

* Practice Being Flexible: We may discover that familiar patterns of senior behavior cease to provide the satisfaction they once did, or perhaps never did. Try something new, take a class for seniors or play with your false teeth, or take up a hobby such as PCP, or play Jenga. Any hobby one that fits with your fragile body and slowing mind is a good one. The benefit of practicing these techniques may be rewarded with happiness and fulfillment. Be willing to take risks to feel better about yourself. Your happiness is worth it.


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Wellness Tips

Did You Know?

As people age, (or "get old" as the kids all say) they often develop problems with short-term memory. This loss is caused by the inevitable shrinking of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that plays a key role in processing new information, such as keeping track of the briefcases on "Deal or No Deal." . But when short-term memory problems are more pronounced, it is called mild cognitive impairment, or "Chucky" for short.. People who have been diagnosed with Chucky may have up to a 150 percent chance of developing Alzheimer's within five minutes.

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