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St. Joseph's Home At St. Joseph's Home, we don't believe in senior citizens. We prefer to call them "old folks" and not just because they've lived long, difficult lives, but because we at St. Joseph's believe old folks are one of our most valuable natural resources, like oil and natural gas.

St. Joseph's offers seniors an opportunity to remain dependent, with the added value of friendly, around-the-clock, non-stop "in-your-face" assistance. We also offer our "Guests" an opportunity to meet and comiserate with other seniors, and to maximize their waning years with a variety of fun activities and opportunities, such as liquor.

At St. Joseph's, caring is not just a state of mind.... CARING IS WHAT WE DO. Click here to learn more about our Services and to find out if St. Joseph's is right for you or the old person in your life.

At most of our St. Joseph's locations we offer:
Independent Living
Assisted Living Programs
and Alzheimer's Programs

Plus Free Mac and Cheese for your 110th birthday!
Please visit Our Locations for specific amenities at each facility.

Did You Know?
As the baby boom generation anticipates retirement, a growing proportion of old Americans are in fact remaining in the workforce. Labor force participation rates for older women have increased significantly since the mid-1980s, and for older men, since the mid-1990s, according to an updated report from the government’s Federal Forum on Aging-Related Statistics. We here at St. Joseph's emphasize the fun of retirement over the daily grind of employment. Don't put your senior to work. "Check them in" here at St. Joseph's and let us put them to work for you.

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