Halfway Point


Well the big experiment with Prescreen.com is nearly half completed.  As of tomorrow JUNKIE NURSE will be streaming on Prescreen for only another 30 days.  How have we done so far?  We broke the record for most sales that weekend we premiered!  At this point we have fallen back to 3rd place which is great considering that there are 38 films on the site so far!

A few days after we broke the record another film beat us a by a few and then a week or two later we were all wiped out by another film which jumped up to 6oo buys!  Oh well, it was great while it lasted 🙂

Here’s the guest blog I did for producer Ted Hope’s great site HOPE FOR FILM on Indiewire:

Jeff Orgill on “Anatomy of a Prescreen Launch”

It was quite an honor blogging for Ted’s site!

I’m currently cooking up a couple more blogs for other sites as well.  I guess this is a great jumpstart to get me back into writing my next projects.  I’ve been reading a lot of other scripts from InkTip.com and also wokring on two scripts with co-writers, Charlie Santore (“Sleep Tight”) and Sarah Tatting-Kinzy (“The Girl With The Wandering Eye”).  More to come on these projects in future posts.

Yours truly,